Words to 'beyond' - In Memorial: John Perry
Beyond the call of duty
Words: Ken Post - Music: Ken Post/Wesley Dejonghe

Lead Vocals-NYC mix: Ken Post- Antwerp mix: Wesley Dejonge.
Piano: Wesley Dejonghe, Bass: Jurgen Leclerq, Sax: Lenny North, Guitars: Dieter Leclerq - Ken Post, Percussion - Davor Tatich
NYC chorus, Bonnie Burns - Jay Byrd, Justin Devereaux,
Buddy Grecco, Michael McHugh, Liz Vannicola.
ANTWERP Chorus: Inge de Grauwe, Bart Goeteyn,
Floortje Vanderlinden,
Jonathan Swift, Inneke23

Recorded at Ghosttown Studio, Hemiksem by Geert van Bever
Mastering and NYC chorus recorded at LOFISH PRODUCTIONS NYC

On September 11, 2001, twenty-five thousand people were rescued from the World Trade T owers by the FDNY, NYPD and THE PORT AUTHORITY OF NY/NJ and whoever lent a helping hand on that unbelievable day. There were so many acts of heroism on that day and obviously all can not be recounted in one song. The acts of ordinary people facing an extraordinary situation - the individuals who helped each other escape the towers, the passengers who attempted to take back the airplane from the kamikazes. Their stories evoke pride, sadness, horror and amazement. Their best instincts were aroused by the worst acts of fanatics. I knew John Perry. You know someone else who acted BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY. This song is a gift from the musicians and friends of John Perry on two continents, to you, who lost someone you loved that day. Put their picture on the cover too.
, Ken Post

Thanks to all the musicians who offered their time and talents, some of whom worked with John Perry in NYC on 'Tightrope', a rock & roll theatre play

Victor Niederhoffer for funding CD duplication
Unique copy center, 252 Green st., NYC for the IN MEMORIAM insert
Ellen Ruth Levy for the graphics and photo's(©2001 Ellen Ruth Levy)
www.gregbarberco.com for the printing of the front and back covers

Profits from future sales of this song will go to John W. Perry Memorial Fund

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