"After an astonished audience applauded for Ken Post, an American bard living in Antwerp, Billy Bragg began...."
Het nieuwsblad March 23, 1992, Belgium

Maybe all wasn't meant to be perfect. Maybe Ken Post's intent, like poet Arthur Rimbaud's, is the very "derangement of all the senses". I believe that is the case. And I believe Mr. Post is successful in this brave endeavor. With Ken Post and his passionate cast, 'Say A Prayer For NYC'.
Theaterreview from Fringe festival about Tightrope, August 29, 1999

Post moves among the crowd like a real ballet dancer. He simultaneously sings loudly while he accompanies himself on his guitar. With light, frivolous dance steps and the serious expression on his face, Ken is definitely different from the cliche picture of the rough and tough rock star.
With his combination dance performance, Ken Post is for now unique in the world of street theatre.
Gazet van Antwerpen Aug. 1998

This man fears nothing. Alone on the stage ,with just his guitar, he plays intensely, subtle and colorfully(Quote: "Fetzig, fein und farbig").Those who have heard his infamous and not always very seriously meant rap interpretations of Beatles and Stones hits certainly would have remembered them. Those who have seen will have known what kind of condensed mass of eccentricity and humor await them.
LNN Oct 1992

"This letter is to thank you for sharing your gift of the CDs-your tribute to Officer John Perry with us. What a moving memorial to the courageous lives lost on Sept.11. Rest assured that your recordings were distributed to firehouses and among the many firefighters and officers who visit our offices every day, as well as firefighters from across the country and around the world that have come here since last September to share their support."
From the Uniformed Firefighters Association Scholarship Fund about 'Beyond the call of Duty'.

The single 'Beyond' got the "Heatseeker" award .

"Woody Allen meets Woody Guthrie" - Dave Robertson

Unburied artifact-Guy Cannistra - San Francisco

"Unburied relic of a time when troubadours had more influence than newscasters. Sage of madness, seer of much and storyteller par excellence. His life has been a sojourn into the realm of infinite shading and mind bending brilliance.

His energy boundless, his mastery of language and phrasing both unique and bewitching, he stands to suffer the possible fate of those few who choose to feel completely. Everyone should hear him. He is a link between our misunderstood past and our unspoken future.

More powerful than a thirty minute sitcom, able to leap tall metaphors with a single slip of the tongue.

Look, up on the stage, it’s ……………………Ken Post"

Panorama/De post - September 1990

Ken Post's band 'Atomic Bomb' Babies was selected as a semi-finalists in the Musician magazine's "1990 Best unsigned band contest". 'Baseball & Rock & Roll', one of the songs submitted to the contest, was played all seasons at the home games of the Oklahoma City 89ers.

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