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(The "Mystery Man") Died, aged 40. Reborn as a songwriter on the streets and bars of Europe. Has written 80 songs since and keeps a journal of his thoughts and experiences (50 books or more). Has been known to smile sometimes.
Brian Pearce
original recruting poster for the play
singer/actress/guitarist from Antwerp, Belgium makes her debut.
Brian as Judge
Brian Pearce
Inge as Anais Nin
Agnes Konings played Camille Claudel in Antwerp
Played Isadora Duncan in Antwerp
Bass player with the Flying Neutrinos and other NYC bands.
The place where it all came together: The Muziekdoos on the  verschanssingstraat in Antwerp
Agnes Konings
Regine Vandewalle
Matt Weiner
De Muziekdoos
Wesley de Jonghe playing the role of Henry Miller
Founder of "Muzart," a gallery performance space in Antwerp, Belgium where art and music meet to enjoy a quiet moment of wonder.
Has played the role of a cop in many TV shows & movies in NYC.
singer/actress/guitarist from Antwerp, Belgium makes her debut.
Wesley as Henry Miller
Geert Seminck
John Perry
Inge de Grauwe
Erik Verbeek played the role of Vincent Van Gogh in Antwerp
Has worked for many years as a make-up artist for Belgian movies and television. She also does facepainting for children at special events.
Toured Europe with the musical "Hair," "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Bubbling Brown Sugar." He has also toured with the rhythm and blues greats Rufus Thomas, Fred Wesley, Eddie Floyd, performed with Ray Charles Orchestra and spent 10 years recording 5 CDs and performing with the Belgian/American band Blue Blot. He also performs on the streets.
rehearsal in the back of the fine art museum in antwerp
Erik Verbeeck
Els Vergauwen
Lenny North
Tightrope rehearsal
Studied theatre arts in Antwerp, Belgium, where he has also performed with several bands.
After 2½ years of performing in Antwerp, Belgium Roy is now ready to conquer New York with his own songs, art, theatre and style.
singer/songwriter based in NYC. Bonnie has collaborated with Ken Post as a singer/composer/arranger for the past 13 years. She has recorded 3 albums with Ken and now makes her acting debut in Tightrope.
Roy as Salvador Dali
Wesley De Jonghe
Roy van der Haagen
Bonnie Burns
Obliged to start a career as a street musician on his way back from a trip to Morocco. He continued on this road, spending some time as a scholar in rural economics, but returned to (got lost to) music.
A Dutch native who grew up on British rock & roll and American blues. Plays guitar & harmonica and currently lives in Nashville, where he plays in a band called Felix Wiley.
Drummer , percussionist and professional photographer in NYC. Eddie has been working with Ken Post for more than a decade. He has been a longtime member of the band Delta Garage.
singer/songwriter based in NYC. Jay has been performing in various NYC cafes and clubs for more than 20 years. He has also organized numerous songwriter's concerts in support of new artists
Bart Goeteyn
Maarten Muller
Eddie Watkins
Jay Byrd
Studied theatre from the age of 10. After training in drama school she discovered the streets! and Tightrope!
Painter , sculptor living in Antwerp.
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ERIN ESPOSITO: Received her BFA from Ohio University, where she studied acting performance. She lives in New York and most recently performed in Othello at the John Hausemen Studio Theatre.
(no picture available)
Kim Ten Zythoff
Gerard Tomballe

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