Plays: Tightrope

The play 'Tightrope' was written between February and July 1996.

In September 1998 open readings were held in 'The Muziekdoos' in Antwerp/Belgium, where a group of performers was gathered.
The play contains 3 parts, and is about artists being brought to trial for their misbehavings and outrageous idea's throughout the times, featuring Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and more(for the whole list see 'program')
You can listen to the trial of Salvador Dali on the download page.

Tightrope as originally conceived consisted of :

- Act 1 - six contemporary dialogues, with 12 songs
- Act 2 - 12 trials with the songs acting in the artist's defense
- Act 3 - a concert of 12 tunes

Tightrope was performed live on the Marc and the Wolfman show at the end of dec 1998 on Radio Centraal.

The first try-outs were in 'The Tsjaplin' in Deurne(Antwerp) by the end of may 1999, followed by 'The Cartoons' in Antwerp at August 5. The only full version of all 3 parts were done in The Tsjaplin, an event which lasted 6 hours and brought back memories of the 60's...

After that they joined for the New York Fringe festival in New York/USA, with some of the original performers mixed with a NY crew.

Ken Post being interviewed for VTM (Belgian leading television station) on the steps of the Metropolitan museum, NY

"Ken Post and his travelling band of self proclaimed outcasts want more than anything to find a way to save America from itself and it's odd brand of artistic oppression."--David Roberts

"The future", the final section of tightrope is pure passion and pure fun. Pick That Lock is a wonderful song urging all of us to steal the future. Pelican Nights is beautiful.And the finale Baseball & Rock & Roll is an explosion of raw repressed energy which reverberates through the audience like a poet's prayer. --David Roberts for Theatre Reviews Limited

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