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About Ken Post

ken on the roadKen has played the streets and squares since 1989. He recorded most of his work while being on the road. He started out by playing covers, but this gradually changed into playing his own compositions, while whirling around and jumping all over the squares of Europe.

luzernHe played throughout of Europe, but he has a preference for Antwerp in Belgium, Holland, Luzern in Swiss, and Dublin in Ireland.

During this time he recorded 'Atomic Bomb Babies, and 'On The Road'(later released as 'Freeway')
You can listen to some recordings at the 'download' section .

conscience pleinHe did not go unnoticed in the media as well because of his exuberant attitude, an attitude not much found in streetmusicians, which mostly play on save and try to please the crowd, while Ken mainly tries to amuse. He appeared regularly in the newspapers, including 'The Gazette van Antwerpen'and the local Luzern papers.

protest singerHe also was able to open up as solo act on some of the bigger stages in Belgium, like the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels which is among the most prestigious in Belgium.

Ken Post likes to be seen as a modern protest singer, and joins protest marches like the 2002 Marijuana Liberation day Parade in lower Manhattan and the 2002 anti-globalisation march in NYC.

tightrope In 1996 he started to integrate his songs in a play named Tightrope, and organised open readings in Antwerp, Belgium, from which a group of performers were gathered.
The first try-outs were by the end of 1999, the full version of the play lasted 6 hours.
The play joined in the New York Fringe Festival, where some of the original performers mixed with a local NY crew.

In 2002 he followed the Rolling Stones tour in Europe, and played for the people lining up to get into the stadia. He filmed the tour and made a rockumentary of this which he tries to sell to TV stations.

Before 1989 in NY>>>>

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