The Opening Act

Enter the wacky world of Don K Posto and his quixotic quest .

“What happens when a street performer hits the road with the 2003 European Licks Tour of The Rolling Stones and declares himself The Opening Act.”

The film, a reality road movie- is sometimes comedy, sometimes reportage, sometimes a poetic look at a street star and the greatest rock & roll band on tour for the first time ever!

The film follows Don K Posto and Sancho Seminck as they follow the Stones tour playing outside of theatres, arenas and stadiums performing classic rock tunes as well as his own numbers.

The movie was shot with one Canon gl2 camera and there were three people involved most of the time; the clown, the cameraman and the chauffeur.

The movie was edited on final cut pro on an Apple G4 laptop.

If you are interested in the project , if you have a film festival, if you want to put it on television or want to distribute the movie to theatres you can contact us directly on

More parts of the movie and other Ken Post video’s can be watched on his YouTube channel:


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